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Rich filling for training gaps – Mixing and matching standardized materials to needs

March 20, 2018

This recipe, inspired by UNIDO’s Leather Panel, provides the latest training materials and tools with deliciously up-to-date content for training institutions in developing countries without additional resources for continual training materials development. It also caters for SMEs without in-house workplace training, helping them serve lifelong learning to the employees within their companies.

Assuming that existing courses meet demand, approximately how long is the expected cooking time?

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Even though cooking time often varies, for a “well-done” dish you would need at least 12 months:

  • Needs identification for training materials within Institutes/SMEs: 2 months
  • Mix and match standardized training courses with need – combining modules that can provide identified skills in classroom/face-to-face training courses or for distance learning: 6 months
  • Identify appropriate experts to provide remote assistance in further customizing and implementing the courses: 1 week
  • Support the implementation of the training in training institutes and SMEs: 6+ months

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