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Micro-Learning Nuggets Newsletter No. 18

August 25, 2017

For which of these challenges could a mobile training programme be a good solution?

Check all answers that apply and then click submit!

These are all conditions that make mobile training a good solution. Perhaps you can think of more?

Do you have a few minutes to learn more?

Watch this short video which explores the mobile forestry training programme of the Southern African PPDP (1:21 min)

Still curious?

  • Listen to business partner Jussi Auramo, KARA Chief Executive, talk about the benefits of mobile learning (0:47 min)
  • Glance through our training manual for a mobile sawmill (5:00 min)
  • Download and try out our new learning tool, Cut Master, where you can explore mobile sawmilling with the help of augmented reality (5:00 min)
  • Sean Paterson, UNIDO Chief Technical Advisor for the SADC PPDP, explains the rationale for taking a mobile approach to this project. (1:25 min)
  • If you are interested to learn a little more about this unique project, see the postcards we made with the key facts (and great visuals!) (1:00 min)