How-to Guide: Developing and Implementing a Vocational Training PPDP

This How-to Guide has been produced as a learning product from the LKDF after the initial experience working with the first vocational training PPDPs in Iraq, Ethiopia and Uruguay. It was created to share learning from PPDPs in terms of how to develop and implement them successfully, what has worked and what to watch out for.

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Case Study: Scania Projects in Iraq and Colombia

The case study provides the reader with insights in the LKDF project in Iraq and another project which Scania is involed in in Colombia.

Report on Good Practices for Results Measurement

This recent report that looks at how to prove and improve the impact of development partnerships includes a case study on the LKDF project in Iraq.

PPP: How to Guide

The 'how to' guide provides guidance on how PPDP projects are conceptualized based on the experience of Partner organisations.

Management Training Programme Handbook

The LKD facility management training handbook provides managers with an overview of the Management Training Programme as well as a central place to capture key learnings as they undertake different steps of the programme.